How to pick your first handgun

It is really impossible for us to tell you everything that you might want to know to buy your first gun and to learn how to shoot.  No "one best gun" exists, and there are hundreds of different ones to choose from.  Do not get hung up on just one point - like how many rounds one gun holds over another or how much power one caliber has.  The most important thing is that the gun fits your hand and you are able to use it accurately and safely. We offer our exclusive try before you buy program, with well over 100 firearms to try. Come in and let one of our friendly instructors help you choose the firearm that will best suit your needs. 


A small weak person might not be able to hold and aim a large, full size 44 magnum but would have no problem with a Beretta 380 caliber with a tip up barrel. It really depends on you and what your background is and what you really want to use the gun for.  This is not rocket science so it is not hard to learn the basics of shooting but it does take some practice and knowledge to be a real good shooter.


Your best choice?  Come to one of our free days and shoot many different handguns.  Get a feel for what it's like to hold a gun, how comfortable you are with different types and find what suits you best.